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With a keen understanding of current market conditions and the strengths of a property, Ray creates and flawlessly executes a custom, multi-faceted marketing campaign that maximizes property exposure. The following pages highlight key components of Ray’s marketing campaign for his listings.

Marketing Campaign Key Components:


The RayChin brand symbolizes exceptional, world-class service and premium properties. Ray possesses an extensive personal global network that spans across a variety of industries, countries, and cultures. Leveraging this network to bring Sellers and Buyers together is the foundation of Ray’s business success.

When it comes to Hawaii real estate opportunities, Ray is top-of-mind for those who desire more and deserve more.

Open House

Open House events are the cornerstone of Ray’s marketing campaign and the source of Ray’s superior knowledge of the real estate market. By “being in the market”, Ray builds relationships, develops a keen understanding of the needs and wants of both Sellers and Buyers, and gathers feedback on his listings. These important insights are only obtained through face-to-face conversations; they cannot simply be “Google-ed”.

On any given day, Ray is hosting an Open House event. Averaging six days a week and fifty weeks a year, this equates to 300 opportunities to showcase ALL his client’s properties.

Please view Ray’s most current OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE at

For Sale Sign

One of the most effective marketing tools for selling a home is the FOR SALE sign. Offering customized graphics and appropriate messaging, Ray’s investment in FOR SALE signage generates a high level of property exposure and inquiries.

Internet Presence & Technology

Ray utilizes the Internet for 24 hour, 7 day sales presence to maximize exposure of his client’s property and to educate Sellers and Buyers.

The website is the primary avenue for Ray’s information distribution. The Featured Property section is populated with property photographs, virtual tours, YouTube videos, and insightful property information. The Search MLS section is divided into categories making it easy to search for properties in Paradise. For those who are interested, a custom Multiple Listing Search Engine is available.

Ray uses current technology including email, texting, blogs, and mass email to communicate in a relevant and thoughtful manner that informs and educates both clients and potential buyers.

To maximize market exposure, Ray’s listings have placement across a variety of websites including:

  • REALTORS® Association of Maui’s Multiple Listing System (Paragon)
  • (keyword:

Print Advertising

Print advertising is a critical tool for property exposure both in traditional and Internet distributions.

Ray invests in a continuous cycle of advertising across global and local publications. His investment in front cover advertisements and special promotional inserts further demonstrate his passionate commitment to achieving the highest level of exposure for his listings.

Ray’s advertising message is focused, relevant, consistent, and impactful. More than selling the property, Ray promotes the Maui Lifestyle.

Content Advertising

To accentuate the strengths of a property and continue the dynamic marketing campaign, Ray has written and invested in published articles, editorials and featured writings for his listings.

Direct Target Marketing Campaigns

Strategic, highly-effective mailing campaigns include custom mailers of postcards, brochures, announcements, and invitations to direct-target market segments.

  • Ray’s Global Client Network
  • Hawaii Condominiums & Subdivision
  • Investor Market
  • Wealth Farm Lists
  • Targeted Prospect Lists
  • Hawaii Real Estate Community

Events Marketing

A property sells itself if simply given the opportunity to be experienced.

Sponsoring a tennis event, hosting an evening broker party, or supporting a golf tournament are just a few examples of how Ray uses Events Marketing to increase property awareness and sell properties.

  • Broker’s Evening Showcase Events
  • Broker’s Weekly Caravans
  • Special Events at Property Listings
  • Sponsorship of Community Events

Marketing Collateral

Exceptional properties demand exceptional collateral materials.

Ray’s investment in professional photography, virtual tours, and videos ensures his listings are presented in the highest quality across all sales mediums.

As part of Ray’s multi-faceted marketing campaign, Ray obtains and creates informative and innovative sales materials that support the sales process.

A Selection of Fact-Pack Documentation:

  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Custom Fact Sheets / Flyers
  • Custom Slideshows
  • Financial Analysis
  • Editorial Reviews
  • Estimated Closing Statements
  • Estimated Monthly Expense Summary
  • Market Value Analysis
  • Profit & Loss Performa
  • Neighborhood & Parcel Overviews
  • REALTOR® Feedback Sheets