About Ray Chin

What Makes You Pursue Your Dreams?

Here is one story…

The life-long journey of Ray Chin started out on the East Coast. This Massachusetts native made his way west to California navigating jobs in the corporate world. Ray was a highly successful brand manager, earned an MBA from a top ranked business school, and excelled in his career at Fortune 500 companies like the General Electric Company and the Black & Decker Company. Along the way, he married the love of his life, MaryBeth, hit a tennis ball on occasion, watched a Red Sox game (or 200!), and even played the drums for The BellRays, a Los Angeles rock and roll band. But life would change…for the better.

On January 5, 2002, Chloe May Yan Chin was born, signaling a new chapter in the life of Ray and MaryBeth. The Chin family had a happy, comfortable life in a southern California beach community, but they wanted something different for their family – an adventure and a new perspective on life. They got more than they dreamed of with palm trees, a warm island breeze, and a way of life best described as Paradise in MAUI.

A new life in Paradise also brought the arrival of their second daughter Tessa Wai Yan Chin, lovingly referred to as their “island baby”, and the purchase of a home and other MAUI investments. Ray, MaryBeth, and their family have made the Valley Isle their home.

Life had been good, very good, but life in MAUI has been better. MAUI’s unique mixture of natural beauty, rich
culture, simplicity, and community captures Ray’s imagination like no other place. This unique lifestyle defines
Paradise for Ray and makes him passionately call MAUI “Home.”

Ray’s Commitment

A Passionate Consultative Style of Service

Whether working with Maui property owners wishing to sell, astute savvy investors or first-time Maui buyers, Ray brings a relentless passion, a depth of market knowledge, and a wealth of business perspective to each real estate engagement. Ray develops an intimate understanding of his client’s long range goals and advises from this perspective on every real estate transaction.

Ray’s intimate and customized style of service perfectly fits the needs of his global and diverse client relationships. Clients value and appreciate the continuity of Ray’s frank and candid guidance and the benefits that result from this strategic, consultative approach.


Ray’s commitment is to sell his client’s property at the highest market price. He develops a custom, multi-faceted marketing campaign designed to maximize property exposure and attract the largest number of qualified buyers.

Ray’s philosophy for helping his client purchase a property is to educate in order for his client to make the best possible decision that meets his client’s long term goals.


  • Consultative Adviser
  • Real Estate Strategist
  • Global Marketer
  • Skilled Negotiator
  • Expert Facilitator
  • Superior Knowledge Resource
  • Comprehensive Researcher